Sara Verhagen

Edited by Yannick Privat, with extracts from:
Jackie - by Pablo Larrain (here with Natalie Portman, Pennie Downey, Peter Sarsgaard, John Carroll Lynch, Julie Judd and Beth Grant)
Baron Noir - by Ziad Doueirbi (here with Niels Arestrup, Jean Michel Fourneraud et Daniel Kramer)
Les Trompes de ma Mère - by Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix (here with Françoise Miquelis)
Barbara - by Yannick Privat (here with Baya Rehaz, Vanessa Dolmens, and Sandra Dorset)
What Ze Teuf - by Benjamin Euvrard (here with Eric Judor and Clement Aubert)
Undisclosed (here with Rose Romain and Cedric Villenave)
Mi Casa su Casa - by Sara Verhagen (here with Eric Kailey, Sylvie Laguna, Paul Bandey and Rose Romain)
WorkinGirls - by Sylvain Fusée (here with Vanessa David)
Le Clown de Belleville - by Benjamin Nicolas (here with Alban Lenoir)
Requista - by Julien Izard (here with Julie Ferrier, Nicolas Bridet, and Joana Figueira)
And more.

Nommée Meilleur Jeune Espoir

Lundi 30 Avril 2018

Nommée comme Meilleur Jeune Espoir pour son rôle de la fille dans "Les Trompes de ma Mère" de Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix



Mi Casa, Su Casa online

Dimanche 01 Octobre 2017


WAIT FOR THE VIDEO TO CHARGE BEFORE WATCHING. Attendez que la vidéo ait chargée jusqu'au bout avant de regarder.

SUBTITLES/ SOUS TITRES: Click CC, and chose between French, English, Interlingue (both English and French depending on what's spoken on screen) or Spanish. The film contains mostly French and English (but also some Italian and Spanish)

Awards/ Recognitions, so far:
BEST ACTRESS, BEST ART DIRECTION and BEST DIRECTOR at the Meliorist Festival; BEST COMEDY at the Lilliputian Film Festival; BEST DIRECTOR and BEST ACTRESS at the London Shows Film Festival; BEST ACTRESS and BEST DIRECTOR at the We Like Em Short Festival; AWARD OF EXCELLENCE at the IndieFEST Film Awards; TOP PICK CITATION at the Short Film Corner in Cannes; BEST WORLD SHORT at the Conway Film Festival; SPECIAL MENTION FOR THE SCREENPLAY at the Roma CinemaDoc Festival; REMI AWARD at the Houston WorldFest; KUDOS FOR DRAMA at the iHolly Film Festival; BEST ORIGINAL STORY at the Original Film Festival; WINNER Acme Comedy Film Nights;

Some other Festivals so far:
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, US; DC Independent Film Festival in Washington; Albuquerque Film Festival & Comic Con; Festival de L’Alpe d’Huez; Paris Courts Devant, Julien Dubuque Film Festival, Festival Beaurepaire....


Nommée comme Jeune Espoir au Festival Jean Carmet à Moulins

Mercredi 27 Septembre 2017

Nommée Jeune Espoir à Jean Carmet

Tournage Siemens

Jeudi 27 Juillet 2017

Night filming






Avec ma fille du jour

Siemens with daughter of day



Barbara Grand Prix Kinoma

Vendredi 16 Juin 2017

Grand Prix Kinoma

Awards at Meliorist Film Festival

Jeudi 30 Mars 2017

Best Actress, Best Director, Best Art Direction for Mi Casa, Su Casa


Awards at the Meliorist Film Festival

Tournage Les Trompes de Ma mère

Lundi 27 Février 2017

Tournage de Les Trompes de Ma mère ( Under Mom's Skirt), réalisé par Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix


Affiche Les Trompes de Ma Mère


Screenshot Les Trompes de ma Mère, avec


Les trompes de ma mere screenshot

Mi Casa, Su Casa, Festivals et Récompenses en un an

Mardi 27 Septembre 2016

Affiche Mi Casa, Su Casa

Tournage Maman ou Papa 2

Mercredi 27 Juillet 2016

Maman ou Papa 2

Winner Best Original Story at the Original Film Festival

Mardi 12 Avril 2016

Mi Casa, Su Casa wins Best Original Story

Original Film Festival Award

Filming Jackie, directed by Pablo Larrain

Samedi 12 Décembre 2015

On set, here with Pennie Downie, Peter Saarsgard, Natalie Portman, Greta Gerwig, and Richard E. Grant.



On set, Jackie by Pablo Larrain, Sara Ve


From the DVD Cover:

Jackie, Screenshot

Jackie, directed by Pablo Larrain

Mercredi 25 Novembre 2015



Role of Mary Gallagher, Jacqueline Kennedy's Personnal Secretary

Filming in December in the historical drama about Jacqueline Kennedy during the four days after the assassination of her husband.
"Jackie", directed by Pablo Larrain, produced by Darren Aronofski; Scott Franklin at Protozoa Pictures, and Juan de Dios Larrain of Chile’s Fabula.

With Natalie Portman as Jackie, Peter Saarsgard as Bobby Kennedy, Greta Gerwig, John Hurt, Beth Grant, John Carroll Lewis, Richard E. Grant...



New selections and awards for Mi Casa, Su Casa

Lundi 23 Novembre 2015



Lecture au Théâtre du Splendid (Play Public Reading)

Mercredi 04 Novembre 2015

Première Lecture Publique Mercredi 4 Novembre de "Donnant Donnant", pièce de Frederic Proust, qui sera mise en scène par Philippe Lelièvre, avec Guillaume Clerice, Johann Dionnet, Fannie Outeiro, et Sara Verhagen.

A suivre

Best Actress and Best Director awards at London Shows

Mardi 20 Octobre 2015


Other Awards and selections so far:


- BEST DIRECTOR at the London Shows Film Festival, UK
- BEST ACTRESS at the London Shows Film Festival, UK
- BEST COMEDY at the Lilliputian Film Festival in Saint Louis, Missouri, US
- AWARD of Excellence at IndieFEST Film Festival, La Jola, US
- TOP PICK CITATION/ MENTION COUP DE COEUR at the Short Film Corner in Cannes, France

- Official Selection at the FORT LAUDERDALE FILM FESTIVAL, FLIFF, in Florida, US
- Official Selection at the PARIS COURTS DEVANT, France
- Official Selection at the CONWAY FILM FESTIVAL in Arkansas, US
- Official Selection August at the MIAMI INDEPENDANT FILM FESTIVAL, US
- Official Selection August at the ROMA CINEMADOC, Italy
- Official Selection KINOLIT FILM FESTIVAL, Russia


Projection Mi Casa, Su Casa & Dog Sitting à Commune Image

Mercredi 16 Septembre 2015

Projection de Dog Sitting, co-réalisé par Yannick Privat et Sara Verhagen, et Mi Casa, Su Casa réalisé par et avec Sara Verhagen, mercredi 16 Septembre, à Commune Image, 20h.


Projection LA SOIREE, Commune Image





Beginning of journey of MI CASA, SU CASA

Mardi 15 Septembre 2015

- Award of Excellence at the IndieFEST Film Awards

- "Top Pick Citation" in Cannes at the Short Film Corner

- Official Competition at the 30th edition of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival which will happen in november.

- Official Selection of August Edition 2015 of the Roma Cinema DOC

- Official Selection of August Edition 2015 of the Miami Independent Film Festival

- Comedy Selection of the Lilliputian Film Festival in October





Tournage de Baron Noir, Canal +, réalisé par Zoueir Doueiri

Dimanche 13 Septembre 2015

Rôle de Conseillère Diplomatique/ Traductrice Allemand.



Barbara en Selection Officielle à Off Courts Trouville

Lundi 07 Septembre 2015



LA screening of Dog Sitting

Jeudi 03 Septembre 2015

Dog Sitting screened as part of Eroïn screening in LA, at Le zinque.


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